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President and CEO


Barry Waxler is an independent financial consultant and motivational speaker on financial topics. Waxler has more than 25 years experience advising clients on strategic investment platforms which promote wealth accumulation and tax advantages. He holds numerous awards from groups such as Banner Life Insurance Company, Old Mutual Financial Network and Minnesota Life, Jefferson Pilot Financial, and Ohio National Life. His collaborative approach with agents, planners, tax and legal professionals focuses on strong financial planning, tax-efficient investing, and asset protection during retirement.

Waxler's primary focus is on corporate planning for middle- and upper-middle income, newly-retired or pre-retired individuals –people who have a crucial need to protect their assets, grow their investments and create a legacy for their families. His simple yet robust investment strategy is focused on investment grade insurance options, with an emphasis on liquidity and investment returns.

As a financial strategist, Waxler comes to the table with experience in health, life, and financial contracts, as well as a thorough understanding of the financial markets and related tax implications for his clients. His alignment partners include accountants, tax specialists and attorneys.

Waxler understands that today's volatile and often unstable economic market creates uncertainty for clients. Individuals are often besieged by financial "sales-focused” agents who promote short-term investment strategies which can produce unnecessary tax burdens and threaten their assets and retirement. To this end, Waxler and his associates promote long-term, compassionate financial relationships with clients, protecting them not only from market risks, but from investments which won’t help them in the long run.

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