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Temporary Tax Provisions Set to Expire in 2014

Some may be renewed, others may not be. At the end of every year, certain federal tax breaks face a sunset. Some are renewed, some expire. As 2014 will soon start, here is a list of some of notable tax provisions that may go away next year &ndash ...

Bearish Thoughts Persist in a Bull Market

Provided by Barry Waxler Are memories of the downturn hurting the financial potential of boomers? At the end of October, the S&P 500 was up 24.39% in the past 12 months. What investor wouldn’t want gains like that? As uplifting as th ...

Taking Advantage of the Provisions of Health Care Reform

Politics aside, how could coverage improve for you & your loved ones? Provided by Barry Waxler Health care reform has many fans and many detractors. Amid all the sound and fury, the plain facts risk being blurred. So here is a look at wher ...

Social Security in 2014

  Next year’s small COLA isn’t the only adjustment related to the program. Here are six things you need to know about Social Security for 2014. For clarity’s sake, here is a rundown of what is changing next year, an ...