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CLOSE UP is a uniquely-styled radio show designed as an opportunity for our San Diego community to become more familiar with local businesses. Barry and his co-hosts seek out and interview San Diego's most compelling businesses and their leaders, discussing their contributions to our community and what they have to offer. Please join us for our live broadcasts, or visit our archives to listen to previously-recorded shows.

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Tax Season

  Article #1- Countdown to Tax Season With 2020 barely started, preparation for tax season is underway for many investors. Now in the second year of filing taxes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), focusing your attention on deduct ...

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  The U.S. population continues to age, with the baby boomer generation now the largest generation ever. By 2035, one in three heads of households will be someone age65 and older. The American population will have one in five people age 65 or o ...

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Many people refer to their retirement savings as a “nest egg,” but in theory, it should be made up of many sources of retirement income-many eggs. Even if Social Security and a 401K were their only retirement savings sources, likely they ...

Understanding Fixed-Income

Fixed income is something many investors don’t understand, according to the 2019 survey, “Fixed Income, Not Fixed Thinking,” https://www.bnymellon.com/us/en/newsroom/news/press-releases/bny-mellon-investment-management-fixed-income- ...

10 Financial Tasks To Complete Before 2020

  Here we are, already to the end of 2019! The end of a year and the start of a new one is when most people decide to clean up and implement changes in some areas of their lives. Whether it is financial or health-related, starting the New Year ...

Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Increase in 2020

  In November 2019, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced the cost of living adjustments for 2020 https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-drop/n-19-59.pdf for most retirement savings plans. However, IRA contribution limits will stay the same. If you ...

Dare to Dream: Your Success Depends on It

Dreaming and goal setting are interrelated; first, you dream about what you want, then you determine how to obtain it. Our dreams should help guide us to make the right choices at the right time and in the proper manner. But merely dreaming about som ...

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  Interest rates can have a positive or a negative effect on the U.S. economy, the stock markets, and your investments. When The Fed changes the Federal Funds Rate (the rate at which banks can borrow money to lend to businesses or you),it creat ...